At Active Promo Cape Town our portable indoor and outdoor product range goes beyond Product Branding.
We also create the marketing and promotional products that suit your professional Business needs and Company Identity. 
Branded Products available to you in Cape Town:

Golf Day kits, A-Frames, Banner Walls, Bunting, Car Shades, Directors Chairs,Event Bins, Flags, Gazebos, Pull-up & Pop Up Banners,PVC Sharkfin Banners, Moon Banners, Umbrellas,Parasols,Podium Banners & Stands, Posters, Snap It Frames, Telescopics, Windsocks and Golf Day kits. Even Mini Marquees for your chic Red Carpet arrivals!  Excellent, durable quality.  Always.   Active Promo Cape Town (Table View) - Branding Your Cape Town World Today!


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